Thursday, 20 June 2019

Design Ideas inspired by the Isles of Scilly - Summer Collection 2019

Handmade in Britain - Waterperry Gardens

I am very excited to be exhibiting in the first Handmade in Oxford International Contemporary Arts Festival. My first exhibition with Handmade in Britain was back in 2015 in Kew Gardens and I have exhibited with them every year since. Exhibiting at Kew was very special and I felt very proud to be showing my handmade jewellery among so many talented makers from around the world. Now the show has moved to Oxford and is bridging the gap from the previous international art festival Art in Action (1977 -2016). If you are visiting the Festival this year you will see over 200 artists & designers work in the beautiful location of Waterperry Gardens, what could be better on a summers day.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

A joy to work with!

This is a recent Edge Boulder ring which has now sold at my last show in Chelsea Town Hall. The customer chose this as an alternative engagement ring to match a curved wedding band. This ring is one of my favourites, its an exquisite sapphire showing purple and blue hues so beautiful and striking to look at. Another reason I was attracted to this stone was it looked similar to tanzanite which is softer and often not recommended to be set into rings as there is a risk they might chip or get scratched. Sapphires are harder wearing, making them the perfect choice to set into a ring which can be worn and enjoyed for generations to come. I did ask the customer to come and see me again if she was visiting a show when I was exhibiting so I could look at the ring again.... it is hard to fall in love and let go... I get attached to the stones I source and set into my jewellery; the earth precious treasures, a privilege to work with and learn about. 

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Jewellery exhibitions 2019

This year I will be exhibiting at these shows:

Craft in Focus – West Horsley Place – Wisley –  27th Nov – 1st December
Desire – Winchester – 22nd – 24th November
Craft in Focus – Hever Castle – Kent 5th – 8th September
Handmade in Britain – Waterperry Gardens – 27th – 30th June
Desire Fair – Chelsea – 8th – 10th March
 Apatite Pendant Alexandra Aurum

Saturday, 2 March 2019

How did I start making jewellery?

How did I start making jewellery? 

I started making jewellery in my art foundation in Falmouth in 2005. There was no blowtorch in the workshop so lots of wire wrapping work was produced for my university portfolio. I went to Loughborough uni and learnt how to design jewellery and work with tools. They had a casting machine in the workshop, I loved seeing the casting process from start to finish. After uni like many young people, I had no money to set up a business or the understanding of how to start trading. It took many years of waitressing and saving, working for jewellers and in jewellery gallery's to have the funds and the confidence to set up my business. I wanted to set stones so I taught myself, this is a long process of practice, understanding and patience over ten years. My latest work will be exhibited in Chelsea town hall next weekend 8th - 10th March I am very proud to be exhibiting at this event alongside a hall full of such amazing jewellery makers.