Growing up and working from Devon, Alexandra handmakes each piece of jewellery using fusion, hand-forging and stone-setting techniques. Since founding the business in 2013, Alexandra has gained a reputation for quality handmade jewellery using exquisite gemstones. 

The name Aurum originates from the Latin word for gold. The double A’s from Alexandra Aurum and 79, which is the atomic number of gold on the periodic table, forms Alexandra’s logo.

Alexandra Aurum Contemporary Jewellery can be found in craft and jewellery exhibitions held across the country throughout the year.

Alexandra has two collections of unusual jewellery designs. The Devon Red collection has a smooth wire aesthetic while the Popplestone collection uses harder angles and metal textures. Both collections are inspired by studying textures found within landscapes.    

Devon Red Collection

Growing up on Devon’s coastline Alexandra has been inspired by the sculptural weathered Red Sandstone Cliffs. Working with wire fusion techniques, jewellery has been sculpted and fused into place creating soft undulating curve textures and a unique organic aesthetic.

Current Exhibition Devon Red Earrings and Pendants

Large drop Lyme Earrings 

Opal Babbacombe Pendant 

18ct Yellow Gold Babbacombe Pendant 

Large Devon Red Earrings 

Popplestone Collection

Aesthetically angular with crisp clean lines and edges this collection has been inspired by rock formations. The collection is named after Popplestone beach on Bryher in the Isles of Scilly where part of the collection was designed it also describes the round boulder connected settings which Alexandra builds throughout her jewellery.


Jewellery becomes part of the wearer’s identity and tells their story. Alexandra is humbled to create symbols that represent many different life events for her clients.

Alexandra has a great deal of experience designing and working with a variety of metals and gemstones. Recycling the metal and precious stones from an inherited piece is a perfect way to update and hold onto family heirlooms for future generations.